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Easily interact and truly engage your employees by sharing and responding to company news and events! Thanks to a prdefind and preconfigurd template with the most important pages of a corporate intranet enhancd with exclusive content from Powell Software, Together is ready to use: desk reservation , virtual coffee break and virtual water cooler. The most important thing for hybrid work. Together for Employees Functions for employees A comprehensive portal: By connecting collaboration and corporate communication, you can post, share and exchange in one place.

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Enjoy more simplicity and maximize engagement HR Hub “Center”: Knowldge gathering, onboarding resources, career management and database job postings Department Pages: Each department is easily accessible to share and access ideas, projects, applications, information and resources. Virtual Building: Access to services that foster social connections, support engagement and facilitate the hybrid environment Together for IT Features for IT teams Fast Deployment: Your intranet is ready to use immdiately. You can deploy it across your entire organization in minutes. Integratd with Teams: Accessing the intranet is easy from your Teams app, a browser, or a mobile device.


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Avoid the hassle of managing changes. Secure: Take advantage of Microsoft security and keep your data in your environment. Scalable: Your BO Leads hub is always up to date. And can be upgradd to a different version as nedd. Request a demo for Together. A deeper dive into the intranet for small businesses together small business intranet in teams Employee portal Employees access their company’s general portal to find company information. Home – View your company’s most important news, documents, and information.

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