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On top of that, they make users feel bad. Thus, employees are confrontd with an inadequacy. Because they have no other choice, they implement their own solution. Meanwhile, another dimension comes into play. When employees no longer do their work at their desks, but work from home or simply check their e-mails on the go. The applications that run on the company’s computers must also work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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If devices are not supportd by these technologies, your employees may be dependent on shadow IT. Because they want to get their phone number list work done while they’re away from the screen. The existing technology is too complex However, nothing is more frustrating than when HR managers invest resources in rdundant, cutting-dge technology. Although they want to meet the nds of their employees. However, they find that they are resorting to shadow IT instead. However, this can easily become a reality.

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For example, when new systems are introducd without proper company-wide training on how to use them. It is also possible that BO Leads the sales manager’s e-mail client is equippd with all the necessary organizational functions. Whereas the manager just hasn’t been traind enough to know they exist. So far we know that there are different levels of digital dexterity. However, this means that some employees adapt quickly to complex new technologies, while others lag behind. So they have difficulty learning them.

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