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This excludes communication with the team conveying the vision of the product explaining priorities etc. In the post-Soviet space a negative attitude towards mistakes does not contribute to the growth of employees. We tell them how to do the job but they can’t do it the way we want. Effective application of Agile and Scrum 7 methods People may have a better solution but they are afraid to talk about it. They act as they see fit. We are unhappy with the result fine them and so on. What kind of self-organization and awareness can we talk about When we voice a problem to them and do not set a task they turn on their ingenuity and they offer ideas. We agree with them give them the opportunity to make mistakes because we need to learn the lessons together and move on.

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We can use every experience gained in the next sprint. Effective application of Agile and Scrum 8 methods I would like leaders in Ukraine to have such thinking because in the same America the entire business is built on the analysis of failures. If you Slovenia Business Email List say that Scrum does not work most likely you are not disciplined responsible and able-bodied enough. Rules for using Scrum: icon 1 Learn to listen to people. Without this neither Agile nor Scrum will work. Listening is the foundation for everything else. icon 2 Help employees. The Scrum Master is no longer a manager who gives instructions to others and requires tasks to be completed within a set time frame.

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This is a person a servant leader who assists the team in solving the problems of the client. Icon 3 Encourage the team (namely the team not individual representatives to take responsibility for the team result. In the old management paradigm the manager is responsible for the project. Self-organization techniques in Scrum contribute precisely to the BO Leads growth of team responsibility. Rules for working with the Scrum team icon. The optimal size of a Scrum team is from 3 to 9 people. If there are more than 9 employees in the group this is already 2 clans. Most likely some work others criticize. Or each clan goes its own way. Therefore the best option is 4-6 people. icon 2 When we work with a team and talk about a communication tool it can be anything: Skype or some kind of chat. But the daily meetings must take place live.

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