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These are people who dictate the culture in the company with their behavior. If they are  to talking and not listening the heads of departments will also behave with their subordinates and those in the end with the team. They demand set tasks control the implementation tell how it should be done. And people think: I’m just a simple performer here just a cog in the system because they don’t even ask me what I consider important in this task and they don’t give me a chance to ask a question. Therefore if you look at Agile not just as a way to increase the effectiveness of a team but as an Agile organization then work should be carried out at all levels and first of all with superiors.

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Effective application of Agile and Scrum 4 methods Agile is not a methodology it’s a philosophy. It has 4 values ​​that were invent in 2001 by 17 smart male experts in the field of software development. When they got together they aske themselves: We have Slovakia Business Email List done so many projects in our lives – both successful and faile. But what helped successful projects to become successful So there were four values ​​that forme the basis of Agile: icon 1 People and the interaction between them are more important than processes and tools. icon 2 Building relationships with the customer is more important than negotiating contracts.

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A working product is more important than comprehensive documentation. Icon 4 Responding to change is more important than sticking to the original plan. Agile is all about flexibility not chaos or anarchy. This is an empirical process that says. Let’s take the BO Leads first step analyze the results and move on based. On our team experience and the lessons that we get while working. People as the foundation of Agile At the core of the Agile philosophy is people. We are talking about a business where machines do not perform tasks. If you are the chief mechanic and you have 30 machines in the factory you know that they need to be lubricate in time and everything will be fine. But people are not such a linear tool. They have their own reactions and feelings fears and experiences. If a person has problems in life this of course will affect his productivity in the team.

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