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A marketer must be able to identify the nees of the target audience. How to develop a marketing plan to promote a product For each segment the product must bring its own value cover precisely its nee which is different from another segment. Segmentation can be forme according to various criteria socio-demographic territorial behavioral psychographic etc. Moreover in modern marketing the audience segment can be a complex structure and have several different features. For example women age – who live in St. Petersburg have children are intereste in fashion are at a certain stage of readiness to buy and have visite the site at least once in the last thirty days.

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Accordingly for each large segment you nee to create an advertising message draw different banners and create different pages on the site. INSTRUCTION HOW TO CREATE VIRAL VIDEOS FOR YOUR BRAND Enter your email GET It is worth Bolivia Business Email List attracting them using different tools it happens that you nee activity in the mobile application from one segment and the number of applications on the site from another. How to develop a marketing plan to promote a product To identify the nees of the target audience you can analyze your own customer database and identify common typical features.

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It will also be useful to analyze requests in search engines for your product by subqueries gender and age structure or order marketing research on the side. How to develop a marketing plan to promote a product Setting goals that do not reflect the essence BO Leads of the goal The fragmentation of tasks or their inconsistency with the goal is one of the mistakes in developing a strategy. All tasks relating to one goal should lead to its implementation be concise and understandable. For example for the strategy Increase the number of orders to 0 per week in Kazakhstan you can create a similar list of tasks further specification is possible at the level of microtasks Launch contextual advertising in Kazakhstan until July.

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