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Ask the applicant the same questions in a circle WHY This is a sequence test. How to find the best employees In technology preictability is highly value. During the interview you can easily ask the same question several times because you are constantly distracte. This way you can check the systematic and consistent nature of your candidate. He can be completely inconsistent in his answers except when interviewing for leadership positions. Conduct a bad cop good cop interview with multiple HRs WHY This way you will find someone who can multi-task in a stressful environment.

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How to find the best employees Sit the candidate in the middle of the conference room and place interviewers at opposite ends of the table. Can a candidate pay attention to both HRs and at the same time competently and fully answer all Argentina Business Email List questions Or is the candidate exhauste and clearly regretting coming to the interview This is an excellent indicator of the potential productivity of an employee in a crisis situation. Ask the candidate a question then start typing as loudly as possible on the keyboard WHY This way you will find those who remain focuse despite distractions.

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How to find the best employees Ask the candidate a question. As soon as he starts to answer type something on the keyboard and as loudly as possible. Apologize to the candidate and say that you are listening carefully just taking some notes. Perhaps you are actually recording something. Or write a letter to your parents. Doesn’t matter. Pay attention BO Leads to whether the candidate can maintain concentration and answer your question or if he gets lost and cannot concentrate. So you will find those for whom no external stimuli will prevent them from finishing the work. Call the candidate back in months and offer a completely different position WHY This way you will find determine and motivate employees.

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