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Another study publish e in the m eical journal Intelligence shows that MBA students who are night owls score higher on the GMAT Common Management Test than their peers who get up early in the morning.Secrets of TOP corporations in the selection of the best personnel How to find the best employees photoffd0e.jpg Google Facebook Apple Amazon Google Amazon. All these top IT corporations receive an increible number of resumes every year. It is safe to assume that they have excellent processes for selecting the best candidates.

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What are these processes Forget about the lists of popular questions that you might be aske in a Google interview that you’ve already google on the search engine of the same name. If you too want to get the best tech people in your company try a couple El Salvador Business Email List of these secret strategies. How to find the best employees 0 How to find the best employees Call the applicant minutes early minutes late or don’t call at all WHY So you will find those who are always ready to work. How to find the best employees Anyone will be able to answer a number of special questions if you call him at the agree time. But what happens if your call catches the candidate by surprise – while he is sleeping or exercising.

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This is how IT leaders find people who are ready to start working at any moment. The interview plan should be as unpreictable as possible. WHY This way you will find those who do not nee instructions. Neither the HR nor the applicant nee to know BO Leads for sure what exactly can happen during the interview. This way you can immeiately identify who can best solve the problem when no one around understands what is happening. How to find the best employees Be sure to arrange for some sort of disruption during the presentation WHY This way you will see if the candidate will be able to adapt to non-ideal conditions.

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