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There will be two very obvious differences in the process of taking these four steps between people who lack this knowlege background and people who have this knowlege background 1. In the understanding step they cannot explain the knowlege they are learning in their own language. 2. In this small step of realworld problem analysis they dont know how to sort out the current situation and information they dont know what to keep what to discard what to consider and what not to consider so they cant define the problem. Positioning problem. Last words learning a lot but not knowing how to use it is a problem face by many modern people. So how do we complete the process from learning to using there are four steps in total which intersect and influence each other identify state understand apply.

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 Taking these four steps well is like building Taiwan Telegram Number Data blocks. If the bottom layer is wide and firm you can put more and more stable blocks on top. l model of dual opposition what we see are negative behaviors and negative emotions that nee to be eradicate which leads to a series of rejection conflict and selfdenial. 01 I was in the class of nlp master robert dilts and heard him tell a story about his father. Roberts father was a very serious smoker. His smoking history laste for decades at least two packs a day. Later his father was diagnose with lung cancer. Even so he still did not quit smoking and still smoke two packs a day.

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 Everyone cant understand his fathers behavior Iran Telegram Number because lung cancer is closely relate to smoking. Now that you have lung cancer you should quit smoking immeiately otherwise it will only accelerate your death. But why did the father make the most ridiculous choice continue to smoke robert was anxious but at the same time he also understood in telling his father that smoking was harmful to health so he invite his father to explore with him. Robert invite his father to sit down face to face with him and then guide his father and said now please close your eyes. Pick up the cigarette and light it as you usually do when smoking. .. Bring the cigarette slowly to your mouth.

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