The feeling of each puff of cigarette entering your body

Ouch your lips breathe it in deeply and then spit it out slowly… I invite you to do this set of movements at a spee 4 or 5 times slower than usual and repeat it several times… During this process. Experience every movement of your body. The feeling of each puff of cigarette entering your body and the changes deep inside you. If your body wants to tell you a deep nee. What kind of nee would it be? His father did it over and over again slowly. Then he suddenly said something in a deep voice. This is my only time to myself. Robert was deeply move by these words. He suddenly understood why his father still smoke two packs of cigarettes a day even though he was suffering from cancer.

After returning home every

 That was the only time he had for himself. In Thailand Telegram Number Data his memory his father has always been very busy. The industry he works in is very competitive and requires a lot of he still nees to take care of their five brothers and sisters with his mother. He had no time for himself so the time he spent smoking every day became his fathers only time for himself. And my father for this profound experience and nee even riske his life. At this moment robert suddenly understood his father. A man who gave everything for his family. And behind this seemingly sinful smoking habit it turns out there is such a positive demand that cannot be ignore.

Just like procrastination behind

¬†Usually we always divide our own and other people’s behaviors Italy Telegram Number into positive and negative. We strongly reject negative behaviors and affirm positive behaviors . But in fact behind negative behaviors there is often a positive nee hidden. procrastination there is often an important positive nee wanting to be perfect. Although the nee to be perfect does not conform to objective laws because nothing in this world is absolutely perfect it is indee a positive nee and is good. Just like robert’s father. Smoking every day is an obvious negative behavior but what leads to this negative behavior is a positive nee. The desire to have the only time for oneself. This demand is very legitimate. Therefore when we see negative behaviors of ourselves and others and feel repulse.

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