He can satisfy this nee in another way to have his own time

 Annoye . Disguste and angry we can actually think about what kind of positive nees are hidden behind this negative behavior. If we can find this positive nee then we can change negative behavior into positive behavior. For example for robert’s father since he already knows that the unmet nee behind smoking is to have his own time. He can satisfy this nee in another way to have his own time. For example go for a walk alone every day or go to a cafe alone every day. Similarly for a person with procrastination now that he knows that the unmet nee behind procrastination may be to do things as perfectly as possible he can reframe a perfect standard for himself. For example in his opinion only a score of 95 points was considere perfect.

We all reject negative emotions

 Now he can lower this standard from 95 points Turkey Telegram Number Data to 80 points. In this way he can meet the standards more easily and will not be delaye due to this. 02 not only behavior but our emotions are also divide into positive and negative. and hope that we will have no negative emotions and always be in positive emotions. But in fact behind every negative emotion we have there is a positive unmet deep nee. One of my visitors xiao yue told me that whenever others deny her question her or look down on her she will be particularly angry. At this time she always feels that her chest is particularly swollen like a balloon about to explode.

I will share some information

 So I guide her to explore the unexpresse positive Japan Telegram Number nees that existe behind this anger. I first invite her to place her hand gently on her extremely swollen ribcage that was about to explode. Meium is a very popular reading and writing platform in europe and the unite states. But there is little discussion about meium on the chinese internet. As a meium lover.  about meium with you. What is meium? Meium is a blogging platform where you can read articles and publish articles on meium. This is a content platform founde by american evan williams in 2012. This is an international platform with many audiences around the world. However. This platform still uses english as the mainstream language.

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