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Therefore, Don’t worry too much about your see keywords. It only takes a few minutes to find them. Once you find the see words that are relevant to the topic of your website. You can move on to the next step. 2. Check your competitors’ ranking keywords seeing which keywords drive traffic to your competitors is often the best way to conduct keyword research. But first. You nee to identify who your competitors are. That’s where your brainstorme list of keywords comes in handy. Just search google for one of your see keywords and see who is ranking on the first page. Rs (or the site you plan to use). Try searching again by selecting the keyword suggestions provide by google’s autocomplete feature.

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 Autocomplete keyword suggestions in Germany Telegram Number Data google search for example. If you sell coffee equipment. You’ll find more actual competitors in search results for “Cappuccino maker” than for “Cappuccino.” that’s because most of the shopping mall sites are ranke at the front. And blog content is ranke at the back. Either way.  identifying competing sites. If you see large brands like amazon or the new york times ranking for your see keywords. Don’t necessarily consider them competitors. Always look for sites that are similar to your own (or the site you are planning to make). You can then put these sites into ahrefs site explorer and view the top pages report. This shows the pages they get the most traffic from.

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 It also shows what keywords these pages get the China Telegram Number most traffic for. Top pages report in ahrefs site explorer we analyze a competing website using site explorer and found some interesting keywords for our hypothetical coffee shop: mocha pot how to make coffee neapolitan coffee maker as you can see. Even if you are very familiar with your industry. You may still be able to find a lot of unique keywords by researching your competitors that you wouldn’t be able to find by just thinking about them. If you’ve checke all your competitors in the search results but still nee more keyword ideas. You can find more competitors in the competing domains report in site explorer .

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