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Just plug in one of your known competitors and it will match the corresponding competitor website base on the keywords that the site ranks for. Competing domains report in ahrefs site explorer you can repeat the above process over and over again to get an almost unlimite number of keyword ideas. Do you see a lot of topics you’ve covere? If you are doing keyword research for an already establishe website in your industry. You may find that you already have most of your competitors’ keywords covere. In this case. You can try using our content gap (content gap opportunity) tool. It finds keywords for which one or more competitors are ranking but you are not. Just put some competitor domain names into the top.

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 Then your website into the bottom Greece Telegram Number Data field. And click “Show keywords.” enter your opponent’s domain into the ahrefs content gap tool. Use the ahrefs content gap tool to get a list of keywords that your competitors are ranking for but you are not.  homegrounds and roasty coffee rank for that yourcoffeestore.Com does not rank for: mocha pot manual coffee grinder coffee oils espresso learn more about using content gaps in this video . 3. Use keyword research tools competitors can be a great source of keyword ideas. However. There may still be a large number of keywords that your competitors are not covering. Which you can find using keyword research tools.

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 Keyword research tools work basically the same way. You India Telegram Number enter see keywords and they generate keyword suggestions. Google keyword planner is probably the most well-known keyword tool. It’s free to use. Although it is primarily aime at google ads customers. keywords. Let’s enter some see keywords and see what data it gives: barista macchiato irish coffee american flat white cold brew percolator turkish coffee arabica k cups frappuccino you’ll notice that some of these suggestions contain see keywords. These are calle partial match keywords. However. This is not the case for all keywords. For example. The word k cups. Unless you are a coffee connoisseur. You may not know that this word is relate to coffee.

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