There are many free keyword research tools

Hint.The “competition” metric you see in google keyword planner has nothing to do with seo. It refers to how many advertisers are willing to place paid ads for this keyword. So you don’t nee to pay attention to it. In addition to keyword planner. There are many free keyword research tools . If you are on a budget. These tools are also a good option. But you will also find that these tools have some problems. After all. The purpose of the tools is to convert you into their users. If you want to get serious about keyword research. You might as well skip the free tools and use a professional keyword research tool like ahrefs keywords explorer today.

Here’s how the report in keywords

 Let’s enter some see keywords and see Hong Kong Telegram Number Data how many keyword suggestions it generates. The phrase match report in keywords explorer provides nearly 4 million keyword suggestions base on see words . 3.7 million suggestions. This is only provide by the phrase match (partial match) report. Other reports will also provide keyword suggestions in different ways.  explorer matches keywords: phrase match : keyword suggestions that include see words. For example. If your see keyword is “Computer chair.” then “Black computer chair” will be a match. But “Black chair for computer” will not. Having same terms : keyword suggestions for all individual terms in the keyword containing the see term. In any order.

What is the best chair for computer work

 For example. If your see keyword is “Computer Indonesia Telegram Number chair.” then “Black chair for computer” will appear in this report. Questions : contains each word in the see words. Regardless of order. And contains question words such as “How”. “What”. “Where”. “When” or “Why”. For example. If your “See” keyword is “Omputer chair.” then will appear in the report. Now. You’re probably going to get a lot of keyword ideas. But don’t worry you’ll find out how to narrow them down in the next section. Hint. Keywords explorer also provides a large number of keyword suggestions for other searches. Some of which include bing. Youtube.

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