You can solve this problem by studying the market

 Amazon. Baidu. Etc. 4. Research your niche everything we’ve discusse so far is enough to generate an almost unlimite number of keyword ideas. But at the same time. The process can leave you “In limbo. ” because the results will be limite by the see keyword. This means you will almost certainly miss out on some great keyword suggestions. You can solve this problem by studying the market segment in more detail. Start by browsing industry forums and q&a websites. This will help you find the questions your potential customers are having without them appearing in the keyword tool. For example. The following is a popular post in the /r/coffee subreit: this person is asking about a coffee machine calle the aeropress.

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 If we put this term into keywords India Telegram Number Data explorer . We find that this term has an average of 61.000 searches per month in the unite states. It may not be possible to discover a topic like this through a keyword research tool rds. Here are some other interesting topics in this directory that deserve our attention: pour over without a hario filter how to make a carajillo) growing coffee at home) ethiopian coffee coffee subscriptions if you find a topic that has a certain search trend. R (keyword analysis) to find more suggestions. For example. If we use “Aeropress” as a see keyword and check the “Phrase match” report. We can see thousands of keyword suggestions.

Your customers can also

 The phrase match report in keywords Iran Telegram Number explorer provides thousands of keyword suggestions . In addition to browsing forums and the like.  be a great source of keyword ideas. Remember. These are the people you already do business with. What you want is to attract more people like them to your website. Here are a few ways to extract talking points from your customers: talk to them face to face browse past emails browse customer service support requests try to think of common questions that have come up in past conversations when doing this. Be sure to pay attention to the statements they use. It will usually differ from the statement you use. For example. If you sell coffee machines online.

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