Your customers may search for comparisons

Your customers may search for comparisons of specific coffee machines. Advance learning 10 free keyword research tools how to use google keyword planner 6 best seo keyword research tools 4 ways to find undiscovere keywords 6 keyword research tips part 3 how to analyze keywords it’s good to have tons of keyword ideas. But how do you know which one is best? After all. Combing through so much data by hand is nearly impossible. The solution is simple: use seo metrics and data to narrow down and separate them before creating content on these topics. Here are five keyword metrics you can use to do this. Search volume clicks _ traffic potential keyword difficulty cost per click (cpc) popularity search volume tells you the average number of times a keyword is searche for each month.

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 For example. There are approximately 40.000 monthly Indonesia Telegram Number Data searches for “moka pot” in the unite states. There are three things to note about this value: it’s the number of searches. Not the number of people searching. In some cases. Someone may search for a keyword such as “Weather in singapore” multiple times a month. volume. And it may even be the same people searching. It doesn’t tell you how much traffic you will get by ranking. Even if you rank no. 1. The number of clicks for a keyword will rarely excee 30% of that number. If it excees. Then you are really in luck. This is an annual monthly average.

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 If there were 120.000 keyword searches Italy Telegram Number in december and no keyword searches in the remaining 11 months. The monthly search volume would be 10. 000 (120.000/12 months) in any report in keywords explorer you will see a search volume filter setting: this filter is useful in two main ways: filter out a large number of keywords. You probably won’t want to filter out keywords with more than 100.000 searches per month. As they can be very competitive. Filter specifically for a small number of keywords. Maybe you want to find keywords with low competition and low volume. So that you can easily attract more traffic with short articles. We call them long tail keywords .

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