At the very front of the curve we have a small number

Did you know that most keywords are long-tail keywords? Long tail keywords are keywords with low search volume. They’re calle that because they’re at the very end of what’s calle the “Search demand curve”: as you can see. At the very front of the curve we have a small number of very popular search terms. Such as: youtube 181m facebook 168m weather 52m google translate 42m craigslist 30m these we call head words. The end of the curve consists of hundres of millions of keywords that have very low search volumes. Such as: best fonts for a resume 150 four pillars of a man’s heart 150 definition of deuteronomy 100 5 by 5 meaning military 100 how much is my overwatch account worth 50 angel food cake without pan 50 funny christmas cards for singles 50 if you want to learn more about dealing with different types of long-tail keywords.

You should not limit yourself to one

 Check out our complete guide . If you Iran Telegram Number Data nee to see search volume for countries outside the unite states. There are 171 countries to choose from in keywords explorer . You can also view global search volume (search volume across all countries combine). If your business is global. The following two tips are important to you:  country. If you sell products globally. The unite states may only be a small part of your market. If people are looking for products you offer in other regions. You nee to know in a timely manner. You should consider the “buying power” of the country with the search volume. Maybe you see a promising keyword with 100.

Still low compare to a keyword

000 monthly searches. But 90% of them are from a Japan Telegram Number country with a lower gdp. In this case. This keyword may not be a good target because the searcher’s “Buying power” may be low. For example. Take a look at the keyword “Backlink generator”. It has 13.000 global searches. But more than 70% of those searches come from low-income countries with lower gdp per capita. Such as india. Indonesia. Bangladesh and pakistan. So even though you might get a lot of traffic by ranking for that keyword. The “Commercial value” of that traffic is probably that gets over 70% of its search volume from the us. Another important thing to remember about search volume is that search volume varies from tool to tool.

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