If the keyword is seasonal or has a sudden dip

Because each tool calculates and updates this metric differently. You can read here and here about the complexities of search volume estimation and why sometimes google’s data isn’t really “accurate” either. Pay attention to keyword trends since search volume is a monthly average for each year. It’s common to view trends for your keywords in keywords explorer . If the keyword is seasonal or has a sudden dip. There may be changes in search volume. Search terms relate to christmas are a good example. They all peak in december and then drop to zero in february. But this is not reflecte in the search volume. Read our guide to google trends for more practical tips on researching popular keywords. Click a lot of people may search for something on google.

Keywords explorer comes in handy

 But that doesn’t mean they all click on the Iraq Telegram Number Data search results and visit the top-ranke pages. This is where the clicks indicator in . It tells you the average number of clicks per month on keyword search results. For example. The word “How much caffeine in coffee” monthly search volume and click data for the word “How much caffeine in coffee” in ahrefs keywords explorer (keyword analysis) despite having 48.000 monthly searches. It only receive 8. 600 clicks. This happens because google displays the magnitude of the problem directly in the search results. People can find the information they nee without having to click. Google will provide answers to more and more search terms in its search results.

Large number of keyword clicks

 Therefore you nee to use the clicks filtering Kenya Telegram Number function in keywords explorer . You can use it to filter out keyword suggestions with potential search traffic. Use the clicks filter function in keywords explorer . You should also be aware that paid ads can “Steal” a. For example. 32% of clicks on “braun coffee maker” go to paid ads. So this keyword may be a better candidate for advertising. 32% of clicks on braun coffee maker go to paid ads. Data comes from ahrefs keywords explorer (keyword analysis) traffic potential let’s say you’re thinking about using keywords like “side effects of coffee.” according to estimates from keywords explorer. This term has 1.000 searches and 800 clicks per month .

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