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My key principle is freedom. Having taken a person to the team I completely trust him and I am ready to help if he encounters difficulties as well as invest my resources in his development. It is very important to notice the strengths of employees and use them giving each person the opportunity to grow and develop. And of course you need to communicate with the team and make sure that the work brings joy. Anton Shulyk CEO of Civitta Ukraine told how and on what you can save money in a startup as well as the necessary qualities of a leader that inspire employees to work effectively. How to inspire employees in a startup Startup costs cannot be inflated.

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Initially a startup has a small budget and it must give up everything it can. What cant be denied For example from the office. But if you try very hard you can agree on a free office or find an option for a minimal fee. How to inspire employees in a Myanmar Business Email List startup Salary is a hygiene factor. It must be present but we do not stimulate a person through it. First and foremost founders should save on their salaries. In the second – on the salaries of other employees. At the same time the salary must correspond to the minimum level of income that a person needs to live.

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In Kyiv this is probably hryvnia. The first – employees of a startup should not be perceived as employees. These are partners. All of them should be charged with the idea of ​​what the company is doing. It is important to communicate closely BO Leads with employees not only work but also relax together. How to inspire employees in a startup And additionally you need to motivate with interesting tasks and growth prospects. A personal example is what motivates very well. Leaders are different but they have several things in common they achieve results in a team they have a sense of humor as well as a certain modesty the ability to put themselves in the background.

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