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Co-author of the Syndicate project. Organizations clients UMH group IT-Solutions Intergal-Bud and others. BB sales in an era of change Getting to know the client Before the first meeting you should understand the companys products and services. A client is not only an organization but also specific people. BB sales in an era of change Identify key persons find information on social networks – mentions common contacts take an interest in peoples hobbies. Before the first meeting it is desirable to form BANT – the clients expectations in terms of budgets tasks and deadlines says Alexander Andronik.

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Self-confidence in the company and the product are key factors before getting to know the customer says Evgeny Rych . Eugene advises to learn BANT at the first meeting and then build a strategy for personalities. Do not try to close everything at Russia Business Email List once – the client is not yet ready to conclude a contract. BB Sales in an Age of Change In our time the customer is familiar with the list of solutions and tends to one of them before communicating with the vendor. The sales manager must study the area in which the potential client works understand what is relevant on the market.

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When Preparing For A Meeting

What practices are us in successful companies in the industry navigate the statistics and financial condition of the organization and this area as a whole. Prepare an elevator pitch in which you will convey the essence and benefits of the offer in minutes BO Leads says Nadezhda Kolibaba. BB Sales in an Age of Change Valentin Yaromenko believes that the meeting should be relax and within the framework of standard business ethics The seller takes the initiative and offers a plan of action Ill clarify some points with you then Ill tell you how we can be useful. Prepare – questions to the interlocutor the answers to which are interesting to hear.

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