I have always felt that the positive nees hidden deep in our

Later she told me that after that oneonone coaching session she had undergone great changes her temper was much better and at the same time she looke at the world others and herself completely differently than before. Feelings. I have always felt that the positive nees hidden deep in our hearts are like a child with a stupid mouth who cannot express his thoughts in a clear and direct way. Therefore we can only find behaviors and emotions to act as messengers for ourselves and use them to express ourselves. Unfortunately this method often leaves us very hurt because the messenger will use negative expressions when expressing. Express what is my deep desire… And what is my deep nee…

As a result not only do we fail

 As negative emotions such as im angry UK Telegram Number Data or im anxious or I wont do this or I just do that negative behavior. In this way originally positive desires nees motivations and intentions are expresse in a negative way by the two messengers of behavior and emotion. to see our deep nees but we also fall into negative emotions and behaviors. How to do it to answer this question I would like to ask you a question first if a messenger delivers a message for you how would you treat him I think you will thank him then take the letter open the package read the content of the letter carefully and accept it sincerely. In fact this is also the correct way to deal with negative behaviors emotions first thank it for sending it then open the package read the content written on the letter carefully and accept it sincerely.

Now that the information

 When you carefully read the content of Mexico Telegram Number the letter and sincerely accept it you will have seen your deep unmet nees. At this time the messenger who came to deliver the message will leave. has been delivere its time for the messenger to retire. It can be seen that those negative emotions that cannot go away and those negative behaviors that cannot be change are essentially because we fail to see the deep nees hidden behind them. Once we see these nees and meet them the negative emotions and behaviors that often occurre before will disappear. At the same time as we see and meet our deepest nees we become more and more complete and unifie. Just like my visitor xiaoyue her deep nee is I nee to be accepte I nee to be respecte and the messenger that conveys this deep nee is angry emotion.

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