I had read the contents and therefore did not know

 In the past she would always receive letters from messengers which meant she would always feel her anger. However because of her rejection of the messenger itself that is her rejection of the anger itself she never opene the letter let alone the anger itself. I had read the contents and therefore did not know the important message hidden in the letter I had a deep nee to be accepte and respecte. Later in our coaching conversation I guide her to accept the messenger express her gratitude to the messenger then open the letter and read the content so she saw her deep nee to be accepte and respecte. As jung said I would rather be complete than perfect . When you experience the completeness of yourself you will feel that the most extreme satisfaction in the world is nothing more than this.

Last words in fact for each of us

 Seeing and satisfying ones deep nees through Usa Telegram Number Data superficial negative behaviors and emotions is one of the ways to achieve a complete self . our negative behaviors emotions and our deep unmet nees are originally different expressions of the same thing. When we look at things with the mental model of dual opposition what we see are negative behaviors and negative emotions that nee to be eradicate which leads to a series of rejection conflict and selfdenial. On the contrary when we look at it from the perspective of both negative behaviors emotions and deep nees what we see is the positive information being delivere by the messenger. By receiving the information we can get more and more information.

This common sense allows

 The whole inner self. This article comes from the Nigeria Telegram Number wechat public account aifeis ideal idaifeidelixiang author aifeidelixiang 36 krypton is publishe with authorization. In the next five years those with strong determination will win. Effies ideal  will definitely fluctuate but as long as your value increases the final price will be close to the value. Overly concerne about price fluctuations in the capital market. Thts right but how can we gain a strong focus on the future so as to eliminate the strangeness of the present and the fear of the future after all strong concentration is not something we can easily obtain if we want to.


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