I would like to ask you who are reading this article what

After gaining a small victory the xiongnu underestimate the enemy even more so chanyu the leader of the xiongnu le a large number of troops to invade. Unexpectely he happene to fall into the encirclement of li mus strange soldiers. Finally in this battle li mu defeate 100000 xiongnu cavalry in one fell swoop and chanyu fle in despair. In the next ten years or so the huns never dare to approach the border of zhao again and li mu decide to fight. At this point I would like to ask you who are reading this article what inspirations have you obtaine from this story 1. Li mu has been waiting for an opportunity waiting for the opportunity when the huns soldiers relax thinking that he will not fight again and the morale of his soldiers will be booste.

As a result he suffere many defeats

 Not only the xiongnu could not bear it Vietnam Telegram Number Data but also his own soldiers. In the end king zhao could not accept it thinking that li mu was cowardly so he withdrew him. As soon as the new general arrive he abandone li mus strategy of building a strong wall and clearing the country and instead attacke the xiongnu frequently.  and few victories and suffere heavy losses. Under this last resort king zhao had no choice but to ask li mu to reinstate him but li mu claime that he was ill and could not leave. It was not until king zhao promise not to interfere with his military strategy that li mu agree to come back. After li mu returne he did not fight for several years.

They would rather not receive

 But in fact he was not idle he was training Philippines Telegram Number diligently every day. In this way after several years of management li mu had a team with strong soldiers and high morale . Since they had not gone to war for many years these soldiers were all full of energy . e rewards than fight to the death with the huns. But at this time their opponents the huns soldiers had been lax for a long time . This is the decisive moment that li mu has been waiting for. Infantrymen who were brave enough to charge into battle and 100000 archers who were good at shooting. Then they use the tactic of luring the enemy indepth first sending a large number of herdsmen to drive their livestock to graze luring the huns to plunder and then pretending to be defeate deliberately leaving thousands of people to the huns.

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