Emails for Different Segments Then Why

Keep paragraphs nice and short because big blocks of text are harder to read on small screens. If you have text links that are very close together, it can make it challenging for recipients to tap the right thing. 4. Tap targets speaking of tapping, thats one of the biggest differences between the mobile and desktop user experience. Your subscribers are tapping with a finger or thumb not clicking with a mouse and cursor. No matter how compelling and creative your cta button may be, if the touch target is tough to tap, your click rate is going to suffer.

Boxes They Create an Eye-Catching

The minimum recommend size for accessible tap or touch targets is 44px x 44px. That size is bas on the average adult finger pad, which is around 10mm. You may want your buttons to be even larger than that. There are some email developers who recommend using full-width cta buttons because it makes them easier to tap with a thumb if someone b2b email list is using one hand to operate their device. 5. Columns while a single column email design is going to provide the most mobile-friendly layout, there could certainly be situations in which you would use columns without stacking all the contents.

Visual Inside the Campaign

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I did this recently for email on acids newsletter for april fools day, which mimick the look of a myspace page as a fun throwback. For the section of the email displaying the top 8 friends. I us a two-column layout on mobile and four columns for desktop viewing. Desktop email with four columns mobile email with two columns it wouldnt have look quite right if that top 8 was single BO Leads profile photos stack on top of each other. But since these were just small, thumbnail-siz images, two columns work fine. You could also do something like this in an ecommerce email featuring a spread of product thumbnails. Or two columns could work as a mobile-friendly photo gallery in an email.

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