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What you dont want to do is put body copy in columns on mobile emails as that would most likely be difficult to read. For each campaign you create, carefully consider the subscriber experience on different screen sizes. 6. Retina displays most computer monitors have high-resolution displays as do apple devices using retina display technology. For these screens, youll want your images to look nice and sharp. For that to happen, use images that are twice the size at which you want them to ultimately display on the largest screens. So, in our example from earlier, an image displaying at 600 pixels wide should be 1200 pixels for its actual size. Doing this provides a greater pixel density, so that the images dont look blurry on retina screens. Retina images 7.

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Image file sizes while you want those images to look crisp, you shouldnt slow down email load times with huge image files. This is especially important for mobile-first email development because you never know when recipients could be somewhere without high-spe internet. Plus, its good to be mindful that people may have limit data plans as well. What you dont want b2b leads is to have subscribers staring at a blank screen waiting for the images in your email to load. So be sure to compress images and try to keep their file size to 200kb or less. Using too many animat gifs in emails can also cause slow load times. Each frame in a gif is its own image. Try to keep gifs to less than 1mb.

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Test your responsive email designs before sending theres only one way to be certain your email campaigns are rendering the way you want on mobile devices and thats by testing and previewing them before hitting the send button. If youre updating templates to support responsive email design, you BO Leads can use sinch email on acid to see exactly how they will render on the most popular mobile operating systems and devices. Take advantage of our email previews to see how the most important clients handle your code. You can even get previews for dark mode email testing.

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