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Our email quality assurance platform also provides checks for accessibility, deliverability, inbox display, url validation and more. Its an ideal tool for optimizing campaigns and simplifying the complexities of email marketing. Every paid plan enjoys unlimit email testing. Take email to a Generic on acid for a test drive with a one-week free trial. Its a tiny little image in your email marketing campaigns. But tracking pixels pack a pretty big punch. Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach out to customers and promote your products and services. However, to make the most out of your email marketing campaigns, you ne to track how your emails perform.

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This is where tracking pixels come in. In this article, well explore what tracking pixels are and how they are us in email marketing. What is a tracking pixel? A tracking pixel, also known as a web beacon or business email list a tracking tag, is a small transparent image (often a gif) embd in an email. The image is usually only 11 pixels in size (literally one pixel), making it virtually invisible to the recipient. When the email is open, the tracking pixel is load from a remote server, allowing the sender to track certain information about the email. How are tracking pixels us in email marketing?

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Email marketers use tracking pixels to monitor the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns. For example, by tracking whether an email was open or not, email marketers can measure BO Leads the engagement rate of their campaigns. While clicks in emails are track using utms and monitoring referral sources in analytics, tracking pixels help measure other to a Generic metrics that are useful to marketers. The information that can be track by a tracking pixel includes:

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