This reminds me of the story in strange stories from a chinese

 Looking back on last year I also live like this. This is a typical continuous struggle. On the one hand they feel dissatisfie or uneasy with the status quo on the other hand they dare not step out of the existing circle and cannot even see small actions. So one year two years three years or even the whole life was waste in this protracte entanglement. This reminds me of the story in strange stories from a chinese studio two shepherd boys caught two little wolves in a wolf den in the mountains. At this time the big wolf came back so they each climbe up a tree dozens of steps apart. A shepherd boy twiste the hooves claws and ears of a little wolf in a tree deliberately making it howl loudly.

Then he left the tree and ran

 The big wolf looke up after hearing the France Email List sound and angrily ran to the tree barking and scratching. At this time another shepherd boy made the little wolf howl loudly in another tree. The big wolf heard the sound looke around and saw the other little wolf. quickly to another tree barking and clawing like before. At this time the from a chinese shepherd boy in the previous tree made the little wolf he caught howl again so the big wolf turne around and pounce on it again. In this way the two little wolves kept shouting as the two shepherd boys struggle causing the big wolf to keep howling and running back and forth dozens of times. Then the big wolf ran gradually slower and his voice gradually became weaker.

Moreover this kind of entanglement

 Finally the big wolf was dying lying stiffly on the Italy Email List ground no longer moving. When the shepherd boy jumpe down from the tree to take a look he found that it had die. Although we are not wolves similar entanglements can also bring us a lot of invisible harm including continuous consumption of emotions energy and time. has a natural attraction that will make us sink into it unknowingly and we may even struggle with a problem for many years. Why psychotherapist hellinger said it is easier to suffer than to solve problems and to endure misfortune is easier than to enjoy happiness. Actor xu zheng said it is easier for a person to live in pain than to solve problems because solving problems requires greater courage.

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