If we fail to seize this opportunity we will lose

For most people it is much easier to continue to live in pain and struggle with pain than to face and resolve pain. Because the instinct of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages roote in our bodies will cause us to choose the easier path of not facing pain consciously or unconsciously. But in fact every pain and problem that appears before us is the best opportunity for each of us to grow. If we fail to seize this opportunity we will lose an opportunity for rapid growth. This is the first good way to waste 2024 continue to struggle and not face it. Method two living in an era of knowlege and information explosion we are expose to all kinds of knowlege and information every day.

I know but it is not knowing

 Therefore many people say I know these but Germany Email List in fact this knowing is often not true knowing. There are three levels of knowing the first level of knowing is knowing that stays in language and words. When we read a book we know the content. This can be calle  in the true sense. At a deeper level we may be able to draw a mind map to summarize what we have learne and form a system. This seems to be a very good knowing but it is still the first level. The second level of knowing is the knowing that cuts through the skin. When we have personal experience with the content mentione in the book we have a strong resonance even a soul resonance.

The third level of knowing

 This kind of knowing is slightly deeper than Japan Email List the first level of knowing. But it still doesnt count as true knowing. The third level of knowing is the knowing of unity of knowlege and action. is equal to doing. Because only through action the downtoearth practice of what is understood by your brain and the knowlege obtaine through physical practice is the true knowlege. Although I have known for a long time that health is the most important thing and I should exercise. But I didnt do that. It wasnt until I got sick that I realize the importance of physical exercise. At that time I had a knowlege on a skintoskin level. But I still didnt do it.

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