From a customer experience perspective

the center of business processes . From a customer experience perspective, Telstra experts help accounts make the best use of products and services and are committ to creating technological solutions that are useful to customers. An example is the app creat for the Australian public transport service Transport Victoria. Athos A leading company in digital transformation, it offers a wide range of services, from marketing to cybersecurity. Atos uses an AGB approach. While not strictly following the 80/20 principle, it invests in accounts that have high growth potential . Once the strategically relevant accounts have been defin, Atos develops an account business plan plus (ABP+), to be constantly updat bas on the

The approach is carefully structured

progress and growth results of the target accounts. The approach is carefully structur with workflows and workshops for each team. As Neil Berry, the company’s account leader, explains: “The best account leaders think differently, embracing the idea of ​​growth rather than simply hitting the numbers.” At the center of the processes we find the customer , with his changing nes. The teams prepare specific plans for top accounts, identify challenging objectives and develop the most appropriate strategies to achieve  Business Database   them. Progress is monitor by capturing customer insights . According to Berry, customer impressions are “key to understanding whether we’re alignwith key accounts, and developing an account business plan is the best way to

A holistic and integrated approach, simplifying intercompany

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buciness database

get on the same page as customers. ” Fujitsu Japanese IT company that operates in over 100 countries and employs approximately 125 thousand people. A decision maker chooses key accounts in each country, bas on a wide range of parameters. These include whether they will purchase new products or services. To choose its accounts, Fujitsu relies on data analysis activities and varies the selection criteria from country to country . In Great Britain. For example. It uses BO Leads  external databases of contracts and renewals, data on the profitability of individual accounts and other data from teams. As Ian Hunter. Head of Marketing for Norway and Northern Europe, explains: “We have excellent internal data on the performance and results of

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