Hidden Instagram Features

This can be a call to action in your posts save this to your summer wishlist. Instagram stories disappear 24 hours after they’re posted. It’s a blessing and a curse. Once those 24 hours are up, the post is gone forever. Or is it?

You can access your own instagram story archive through your profile — just hit the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen, then archive. This feature is especially helpful if you’ve conducted a quiz or poll and can no longer see the results: that’s all accessible via the stories archive.

To see all the posts you’ve liked on instagram in one place, go to your profile page, hit the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, then hit your activity.

Instagram Story Tags After Posting

Have you ever posted an instagram story and realized you forgot to tag someone? Now, you can retroactively mention someone in your ig story. That means that they can share it to their followers, instantly expanding the reach of your content.

To tag someone in an b2b email list instagram story after the story has already been posted, go into the story, tap the three dots in the right bottom corner, then tap add mentions. Type in the handles of the account(s) you’d like to tag, and you’re golden.

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Should a Lawyer Have Social Media?

Yes. Social media has a huge audience; linkedin alone has 930 million members. It gives you the opportunity to connect with potential clients and increases your firm’s exposure. And remember, your competitors are likely on social media. You can get insight into what they’re up to and what they’re publicly posting.

You can also stay on BO Leads top of legal and industry trends as they come up. Tools like brandwatch can track not only industry news but also customer sentiments about your law firm. Any time you or your firm is mentioned online, you can get notified and hop into the conversation.

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