How is it used in digital marketing

To achieve profitable results, it is best to focus on conversions.

A conversion is any action you want your user to take and is related to your goal. The great thing about conversion is that you don’t have to struggle to find insights in the dark.

When you start with conversions, you have a game plan and can immediately see which content (content groups, page titles, landing pages, etc.) is producing the results you want.

To continue with the example, instead of looking at all the events in your content transitions, you can narrow it down to the ones that are important to your business. The website has a significant number of subscribers, so one of the conversion goals set was to track subscriptions.

To do this let’s look at transitions

Lastly, the ad’s view count is quite low. Users engage with this telemarketing list providers content more than social media, but advertising content doesn’t convert at all.

Let’s take the previously mentioned questions and apply them to this scenario:

1. Do you understand?

Take the strange case of social media, which telemarketing list providers has the highest conversion rates but lowest page views and engagement.

Our research found that your social media audience is already exposed to platforms like Facebook and is familiar with your website’s products and services.

How can we interpret these results

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As a result, customers who arrived on the site were primarily focused on signing BO Leads up rather than engaging with the content.

2. So what?

For advertising content groups, content production can be increased. On the other hand, you can either operate as usual or leave it as is.

For advertising content, websites can use more of this content. Engagement is higher than any other content group (except SEO). In addition to creating more posts for your ads, you can also promote these pages to your social media audience, which has proven to have a high conversion rate.

Don’t forget to use these two questions often in your analysis.

You can continue your exploration by drilling down into your data to prioritize the factors that have the greatest impact on your business.

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