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The direction of travel is more important. The goal for me is just a milestone on the way. A little earlier or a little later it will be reache what’s the difference The main thing is not to stop. If there is movement then everything will be passe. I am motivate by the values ​​that I have define for myself in my personal constitution. And also a calendar of life which clearly shows how much has already been live and how much is left at best. Looking at him you get an excellent magic pendel. Rules for working on yourself. 0 Oleg Braginsky How to plan things I have a long calendar – I design everything for as long as possible.

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I try to post recurring events ahead of time.  Like to work locally – in another city I strive to do my best. I use the hour rule. I try to complete tasks a Japan Business Email List day before the appointe time so that the result is ready and I don’t have to refer to force majeure. Rules for working on yourself. eleven How to manage a family budget The spouse keeps the budget in Excel that’s enough. I worke in a bank for 0 years so with finances on you. How to find work-life balance I enter the affairs of love ones in my calendar and inform in advance when I will be unavailable Rules for working on yourself.

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I go to theaters restaurants spend a lot of time with my family — we go in for sports together travel and carry out joint projects. Relatives have a higher BO Leads priority than work if relatives nee something I leave everything and take care of my relatives. What rules to follow every day I put on my calendar the work to be done – then I just do what I have planne. Touch typing and spee reading allow you to quickly assimilate information and respond without delay. Rules for working on yourself. I keep a list of small things that I enjoy doing when I’m waiting at the airport or stuck in traffic.

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