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What rules to follow every day I have breakfast and dinner daily with my family. This is a tradition that has develope over the years. In the evenings I put the children to be – also a must. Rules for working on yourself. What to do if things don’t go according to plan If the goal is not achieve I try to reformulate it and go the other way bypassing it. Sometimes this takes time. I understood the dynamics of the changing world and realize that it is important to achieve goals faster than others. You also nee to improve yourself. These are the main priorities in life.

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Excel for Business How to Organize Your Data Automating Business Processes with Excel photod.jpg Excel is one of the most popular programs Jordan Business Email List in any company. However most users create simple tables and formulas without realizing the application’s capabilities. Solving local problems analyzing data arrays forecasting future periods – the program allows you to spee up business processes and put aside the calculator. We talk about Excel functions using business examples. How and why to connect to external data sources There is information that changes daily – transactions are carrie out in the company every day financial reports are update.

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Data can be uploade manually or automatically. Excel allows you to automate the process – you set up a connection to external data sources information is importe into a sheet work files are update online. This function is useful for employees who work with BO Leads the exchange rate and keep records. You receive a file with new indicators every morning instead of viewing and uploading information yourself. Why drop down lists are neee You can spend half a day on analysis or create an interactive report and spee up your work. Drop-down lists allow you to evaluate data for several periods breaking them into categories. For example check how many units of goods were sold in bulk in the Kyiv region from January to December.

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