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The conditions were constantly changing and were unprofitable Forethought trie to find a compromise. History of PowerPoint. They could not refuse Xerox – there was no money to complete the development of the program. But the deal could not be conclude. The next investor is Apple. The corporation provide marketing support investe thousand dollars but the help was not useful – deliveries began before Apple’s investment. Microsoft bought Forethought for million Microsoft thought about developing a similar program or adding slide creation functionality to Word. Bill Gates wante to buy the company but after negotiations he cancele the deal.

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Microsoft was only intereste in PowerPoint not the whole organization. History of PowerPoint. About 00 thousand dollars were spent on the development of PowerPoint – the money paid off in a month of sales. Interesting proposals appeare – in addition to Kazakhstan Business Email List Microsoft Forethought offere a merger of Aldus ANSA Symantec and Baer Co. In the end Microsoft gave Forethought million in cash. The company became the Graphics Business Unit within Microsoft. Robert Gaskins We were lucky to launch our PowerPoint product at exactly the moment when Microsoft was convince that they neee in fact the same thing.

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PowerPoint came to Windows in The second version of the program neee to be finalize made in color in order to create slides for overhead projectors. Dennis Austin worke on color PowerPoint .0. Artists from the Genigraphics company were invite especially BO Leads for this program. Thanks to them 000 color sets appeare in PowerPoint .0. History of PowerPoint. They decide to write the program first of all under Windows then adapt it for Macintosh. PowerPoint .0 was release on Windows .0 in 0. Windows took full ownership of the program and place it in the Office suite. Robert Gaskins Sometimes I look at what people create and think – oh my god this is interesting! It turne into something more than just presentations something we couldn’t have imagine when we designe the program.

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