How to increase the effectiveness of a mailing for your clinic

Mailing remains one of the most profitable forms of promotion thanks to its combination of powerful reach and low cost. On the other hand, we know that mailing campaigns are ineffective if they are not well planned. Without going any further, think about all the emails you receive that end up in the trash without even being opened.

Below, we give you some tips to increase the effectiveness of a mailing. We are talking about promotional mailings, not the emails that you can send to a particular patient to remind them of an appointment.

Keys to improve the effectiveness of mailing

The first thing you should have is a contact database. Due to data protection laws, you cannot send a promotional email to anyone who has not previously given phone lists you their express consent. That said, let’s go with the tips:

Segment your Contact List . It is important to be clear about what you are going to offer and to whom. For example, if a dentist runs a campaign to check his patients’ dentures for free, does it make sense to send that email to those under 60 years of age? Clearly not. If you segment your contact list to send the email only to potentially interested parties, the conversion percentage will be higher. In
Customize Mail . Generic texts are less well received than personalized ones. A gesture such as addressing the recipient by her name instead of “dear patient” can make a difference. Luckily, most mailing platforms now have customizable fields in emails, allowing you to adapt them to each recipient effortlessly.

A very common mistake that reduces

Appeal to Curiosity . It is clear that you need to know the tastes of your clients to provoke a certain level of curiosity in them. Use your imagination or hire the services of a copywriter to make your texts more engaging.
Do Not Sell Directly . The effectiveness of a mailing campaign is being too direct. But for reasons of space and attention, you cannot post a message that is too long. The best way to convince is to clearly and concisely show the benefits of the promotion.
These are some of the ways and recommendations to increase the BO Leads effectiveness of a mailing . Remember that our clinic management software has powerful mailing functionalities, such as contact segmentation. You can try Clinic Cloud for free for 15 days.

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