Options for customer service in your clinic

Customer Service is essential to respond quickly to questions or complaints from clinic users. Good care is important if you want to retain your patients.

Telephone attention
All clinics have a customer service number, regardless of whether they have other options later. Thanks to computer solutions such as Clinic Cloud, you can implement the request for medical appointments online, greatly reducing the workload of a switchboard, but it is not a good idea to do without it completely since there will always be cases in which the patient needsĀ  talk to a human operator.

What customer service options exist

One of the things you should keep in mind is to detail the time in which the switchboard is active. If you boast of offering 24-hour service and you telephone lists are not willing to answer or hire someone to answer the phone at any time, you are only going to get a bad reputation for the service. It is preferable to have a schedule that you are sure you can keep.

Email support
The email service is one of the most used today, where everyone has access to an email account. It is a very useful and recommended option as long as you can respond to emails as soon as possible. Remember to write all emails in a formal and correct but friendly tone.

The chat is managed by a real person

Chat support
One of the trends that has been taking over in recent years is Chat Support. This way is recommended if. We highlight this because many companies use an automated response, where it seems that you are talking to a robot and not a person. Users always appreciate being able to ask a quick question if they need it.

Other options
Many modern clinics save a bit of work by including a page with frequently asked questions on their website. The frequently asked questions page BO Leads reflects the most common doubts that a user may have, with their answers. It is a way to save time for the client, and save time for the company. In addition, the page can be modified if new frequently asked questions arise.

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