How to make a marketing plan for a dental clinic

The marketing plan is a document that includes everything related to the promotion strategy of a company: what advertising actions are going to be carried out, what are the objectives… In the case of a sector as competitive as dental, this guide is especially important. importance. That is why in this we give you the keys to a marketing plan for a dental clinic and we also tell you which are the essential online marketing tools to promote your clinic.

When you make the marketing plan, your clinic may have already been operating for a while or you may want to make the plan before starting your activity. In any case, the first thing is to do a study of the current situation of the clinic. For this, it is very useful to carry out a SWOT analysis matrix.

Steps in the marketing plan of a dental clinic

In simple words, SWOT is nothing more than a list of Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities. We will give a random example of things that phone leads could appear on this list:

Weaknesses: Lack of specialized orthodontic personnel.
Threats: Lower prices in the competition.
Strengths: Large number of followers on social networks.
Opportunities: Improvement of communications in the area where the clinic is located. How to make a
Thanks to the SWOT you will know which aspects you should reinforce in your marketing strategy.

Every marketing strategy is done to achieve some objective. Establishing concrete, realistic objectives and putting them in writing is the first step to achieving them. The objectives can range from doubling monthly sales to achieving 1000 weekly visits to the website . In any case, they must be tangible and measurable objectives.

Advantages of online marketing as a dental marketing tool

Having the SWOT analysis and the objectives is like having the starting point and the goal point. Now the most important thing remains, knowing how to get from first to second. In other words, determine the actions that are going to be carried out to achieve the stated objectives.

Let’s look at a practical example.

The owner of the clinic has detected as a weakness in the SWOT analysis that his How to make a website barely receives visits. When we talk about online marketing we refer to all the actions that take place on the Internet. For some time now, the Internet has become the BO Leads largest advertising channel, surpassing traditional channels such as newspapers, television or radio. Just one fact: 94% of Spaniards use the Internet to obtain information before making a purchase or contracting a service.

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