The ProfitlogiQ Spain agency is born to help brands and sellers grow

ProfitlogiQ , a leading company in the Latin American market and which is currently “Advance Partner of Amazon Advertising”, opens operations in Spain with eThink, as a strategic partner. The objective of this alliance is to improve customer sales in the most used market places throughout Europe. After 3 years of experience of ProfitlogiQ in the American market, it joins with eThink to launch its patented technology in the Spanish market, based on artificial intelligence (AI) , which helps brands increase sales and return on advertising investment within from market places like Amazon.

Union between ProfitlogiQ and eThink

This union between ProfitlogiQ industry email list and eThink will allow each of the companies to apply their most powerful capabilities in a common project in which the final result will be to make the brands sell more and with greater profitability. eThink’s experience will allow you to analyze and prepare the entire strategy and presence environment of the brand in marketplaces, while ProfitlogiQ technology will guarantee optimization thanks to its algorithm. Capabilities and technical and operational experience in the online advertising sector. Therefore, with the objective of offering a sales service that is essential for the growth of any business.

A patented predictive algorithm for continued sales growth

ProfitlogiQ Spain will provide BO Leads brands and advertisers with the experience and technology required to help them design a holistic ecommerce strategy. Therefore, which ranges from the identification of challenges and opportunities, support in the design of the logistics strategy. Therefore, the registration and optimization of their product portfolios. Stores, as well as continuous support in the execution and efficiency of advertising efforts using its patented predictive algorithm. Therefore, leads to a virtuous circle of continuous growth in sales within market places.

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