Beintoo offers clues for advertising investments in the face of a hectic winter

Beintoo , the data driven company belonging to the Mediaset Group, publishes trends and insights for digital advertising investments with data driven for the last quarter of 2022. Captured in a paper , it offers information on trends and main insights . Thanks to the extensive analysis of the 25 million pieces of data constantly collected, Beintoo can offer a series of “clues” to optimize advertising investments with data driven from these last months of the year. .

Omnichannel according to Beintoo

It is common to search online category email list and buy offline, surfing on your mobile phone frequently, at the same time Smart TV sales are growing significantly and outdoor advertising (OOH) is once again on the rise . All of these are trends that mean that receiving impacts through different channels means that brand memory is much more present and that the consumer feels, in some way, closer to the brand. Halloween has become a holiday that is already celebrated in many countries and with more regularity there are more themed celebrations around this day and consequently greater consumption around it.

Special occasions

On the other hand, last year, 67% of Spaniards BO Leads were already eagerly awaiting the date of Black Friday. Anticipate many of their Christmas purchases Take advantage of offers and promotions. This year, this trend is expected to increase significantly. Another special date will definitely be the FIFA World Cup. A highly anticipated event for soccer lovers. It will take place in November in Qatar Due to the large expected audience. It will be an ideal context to advertise all types of services and products. And as it could not be otherwise. Christmas is another ideal occasion for sectors such as technology, sports. Gastronomy, gift giving or even home decoration.

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