LaLiga revives Luis Aragonés thanks to technology in this emotional campaign

Luis Aragonés , the late football player and coach of Atlético de Madrid and the European Champion national team, is the protagonist of the new and emotional LaLiga campaign “Something to say” , where the coach prepares the players for the match most important of all: their lives. In the words of LaLiga: «We want to tell you something, you are also an inspiration. But we don’t tell you this. This is said by someone very special to everyone. This is what Don Luis Aragonés tells you .

Something to Say by LaLiga

Ángel Fernández , who is responsible top industry data for the Global Brand and assets of the association, points out that football is part of our lives, «Victory, defeat, the strength to stay up or get up when it’s time. The effort, the camaraderie, not leaving anyone behind, aiming for the highest or always doing the right thing. For this reason, LaLiga aims to inspire people through the positive values of the beautiful game. “We can’t think of a better ambassador than Luis Aragonés, player, coach and part of our lives, to motivate us to do great things in our daily lives,” says the Laliga professional.

An ambitious display of 360 pieces

For his part, Lucas Paulino , founding partner BO Leads and Executive Creative Director of Rocky’s Russian. Points out that «LaLiga is inspired by life, and life is inspired by LaLiga. He is so present in our daily lives that what happens on the field does not stay on the field. Because what happens on the field transcends. Does not remain on the field and vice versa. Message that acquires more emotion. Impact when it comes from Luis Aragonés. In addition, 360 pieces has been created in which Don Luis addresses all the teams that make up LaLiga and their respective fans with personalized messages.

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