How to Optimize Faceted Navigation

When creating faceted navigation, be sure to add the appropriate number of categories. Too many groups can confuse users, and too few will not be enough to search for specific products.

It is also important to give recipients the opportunity to select several product features. It is worth considering how you select categories. In the case of colors, a clickable window works best, and in the context of price – a slider.

Faceted navigation should also be based on the keywords most frequently used by users, related to specific products. Thanks to them, no one will have any doubts about the importance of a given category, and choosing the appropriate feature will be much easier.

As You Can See Faceted Navigation is a Great

We already know what faceted navigation is and how to Ws Number List optimize it. However, the question arises: what mistakes should be avoided to increase the functionality of this solution? Here are the most common ones:

However, it is important to remember that developing useful faceted navigation is quite a difficult task. In case of any problems, it is worth consulting a professional interactive agency, thanks to which the optimization of the online store will not only be easier, but will also bring results that would be difficult to achieve on your own. Conducting a UX audit will help identify areas for improvement.

Faceted navigation also plays a very important role in UX optimization. It has a very positive impact on the recipients’ experience and effectively encourages them to convert.

Better Sales Results and Higher Conversion Rate

It must be remembered that what matters most to modern BO Leads consumers is the convenience and speed of making purchases.

Thanks to faceted navigation, you can shorten the search time for specific offers as much as possible, which brings benefits such as increased trust in the brand and better sales results.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more website owners give up other navigation systems and choose this concept. But why is faceted navigation better than other solutions?

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