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Most often this concerns VAT planning (joining credit and obligations structuring the legal structure. icon 2 Tax planning is the responsibility of the owner financial director or tax advisor. Structure the system by which the accountant works. Staff 12. Weak specialists In finance one strong specialist can replace three or four medium ones. Finding a good specialist is not easy but the effort will be justified. How to resolve the error: icon 1 With the help of an IT system and macros you can automate routine calculations and the reporting process. It is better to take quality and technology than quantity. icon 2 Employees of the finance department must think quickly and accurately have practical skills be good performers and work at high speed.

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Properly constructed procedures and system automation will help increase labor productivity. People will take productivity to the next level. 13. Underestimating the potential of employees It happens that the owner does not use the full potential of employees Antigua and Barbuda Business Email List because he does not know about it. If you limit an accountant to the submission of statistical or tax reports then he will not offer to prepare management reports himself. The employee does not want to do extra work on his own initiative. How to resolve the error: icon 1 Consult with employees perhaps they need to be interested and check how they will cope with new challenges.

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Uber vs Uklon Alchanova Elena Alchanova columnist at Laba. The Uklon app appeared in Ukraine 7 years ago as an alternative to regular taxi services. We began to wean ourselves from live operators and the duty phrase: “get out without a call.” In the BO Leads summer of 2016 an international taxi call service entered the market. Uber captivated passengers with low fares and the first free rides. Comfortable high-level cars and payment by card appeared. During the year of competition Uklon has improved the application and increased the level of cars. The two largest services receive both good reviews and complaints.

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