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How to identify problems and product development paths using customer journey map Enter your email GET Why it can be difficult to call a car and what to do about it The taxi market is driven by the balance of supply and demand. Demand is high during peak hours Friday evenings bad weather. At such moments it is more difficult to find a car at least because of the traffic situation. The driver needs more time to get to the passenger’s pick-up point. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 4 At one time Uklon offere a service: if the car was not quickly the passenger could add a few hryvnias to the order and increase the likelihood of a call. Drivers saw a more expensive order and responded to it faster.

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Over time the structure of the request and the expectations of customers have changed so we have chosen the path of the recommended cost. At times of high demand the application offers customers to increase the price and find a car faster or call at Haiti Business Email List a standard price but wait longer. In this we beat not only traditional telephone services but also Uber which makes very high odds in a situation of increased demand. What’s going on with tariffs In our field the price is determine by the market. There is a minimum cost of a trip – the lowest price at which a driver is willing to make a trip. We monitor the market and offer clients a recommended price during extreme peak hours.

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Uber vs Uklon who is ahead 5 The rest of the time we have an average price. But the service is higher and we are constantly working on this. Uklon Passenger Comments Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 6 Julia. Ivanchikova Kyiv I starte using Uklon when it was actively promote. It seemed that the speed and delivery. Of the car in any weather was part of BO Leads the advertising campaign. I do not live in the most popular area – it is not customary to give a taxi to Borshchagovka on time especially at night. Sometimes smoky Lanos come sometimes unpleasant drivers. But overall I’m more than satisfied with the service. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 7 Often Uklon offers an increase rate which can be lowere and the car will still be quickly. I always rate. I believe that this will really help improve the service. Although now it seems to be a fiction not a working chip.

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