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This is important because not every station wagon can take our company with children backpacks and skis. Tariffs suit it was not necessary to raise the price by more than 10 hryvnias. Until recently I also used Uber – they called the car of the service that has the best price. If Uber didn’t use odds it sometimes won. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 15 There are enough claims against Uklon. If you do not take into account the replacement cars because of which you leave in half an hour then the main inconvenience is the long reaction to complaints. There is no control over the state of the car. Dirty and smoky cars are not the main problem.

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If a car arrives without seat belts I can leave a complaint but the driver will not be suspended from work and will not be required to install belts. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 16 Svetlana Voronina Uber communications manager in Ukraine and the CIS How Uber improves service every day Uber started working in Ukraine a little over a year ago and Honduras Business Email List in less than a year became available in five cities: Kyiv Odessa Lvov Dnipro and Kharkiv. Over a million users have downloaded the app. We launched three services: basic UberX premium UberSELECT and premium UberBLACK. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 17 We strive to constantly improve the service and conditions. We monitor user requests and study the demand for new services.

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For example we noticed that more and more customers are asking to install a child car seat. We decided to conduct a survey among users and are now considering the possibility of launching the UberKIDS service in Ukraine. In general the rating of BO Leads partner-drivers in Ukraine is very high. The average waiting time for a car (an important indicator for the user is about 5-6 minutes in Kyiv and for example in Lviv – less than 4 minutes. What can be improved in the service We constantly offer customers improvements and innovative solutions. We quickly respond to the market situation moods comments feedback from users and partner drivers. For example when we started working in Ukraine only the option of paying by card was available.

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