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We are adjusting prices so that they guarantee the availability of trips for the maximum number of users and the possibility of decent earnings for drivers. Tariffs have been update to match the current realities of the Kyiv market. This way we will be able to attract more driver partners to the platform. How customer attitudes have changed over the year Uber has been operating in Ukraine We have attracted thousands of partner drivers and are seeing a weekly increase in the audience of customers. Users are accustomed to the possibility of cash and cashless payments.

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Our clients actively participate in promotions. For example as part of the UberGiving activity 9.7 tons of clothes and things were collecte and the number of Uber orders exceeded 6.5 thousand. More than 85 thousand users in Kyiv wanted to celebrate the Jamaica Business Email List first birthday of Uber with us. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead of 20 The arrival of Uber and other online services in the urban transportation market is bringing about positive changes. By increasing competition we encourage market participants to improve service make trips more accessible and comfortable. From this first of all the user benefits. Uber Passenger Comments Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 21 Alina Shubskaya Kyiv Uber is expensive. Prices are always slightly higher than other taxis. And at rush hour just crazy some.

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It should pay off with good cars but we also serve not very good ones. The principle of operation is a passenger-driver there is no dispatcher there may be problems if something is forgotten in the car. It’s also inconvenient that you can’t cancel a trip for BO Leads free only in the first minutes. If you ordered from several services and the car arrives faster and better then you still need to go to Uber. There is a taxi depot where drivers work 12 hours a day. This seems to be against Uber’s rules. The driver gets tire by the end of the shift it’s dangerous. Many are angry that not only do you rate the driver but he also rates you. But I have “5”. The advantage is that the car almost always arrives faster than in other services. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 22 Alexandra Kaminskaya Lviv From what I understand from Facebook reviews Uber is not responsible for the driver.

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