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This is the sin of taxi drivers who “jumped” into Uber. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 28 Victoria Parkhomenko Lviv I got hooked on Uber when there were cheap rides. It is difficult to deny yourself the comfort choosing between a minibus and a trip “with the breeze” for 15 UAH. There were several cases after which I wanted to stop using Uber. One day the driver called and said he was on his way. Standing in the rain waiting suddenly I see that I have already “started the trip”. Uber vs Uklon: who is ahead 29 I told the driver about this when he arrived and he attributed everything to program errors.

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Then he dropped me off earlier but the amount was still different from the declared one. With the help of the support service I returned the difference. The second case – a car did not arrive in a remote area for a long time. The trip was longer than usual as a Mexico Business Email List result the amount was 25 UAH more. The money was returned after a complaint. In Lviv Uber is the most expensive in Ukraine due to traffic jams. I am indignant that my rating is “4.7” and I don’t understand who underestimates it. Now the prices are high and too often the insane coefficient does not allow you to use the service. Uber Vs Uklon. Advantages and disadvantages.

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Cars icon  There are three levels of cars: the basic UberX the deluxe UberSELECT and the premium UberBLACK. Most of the cars are in good condition. – Recently low-level car brands lanos have appeared at a basic level. Requirements for cars are minimal: there are no restrictions on the year of manufacture of the car. There are non-cleare cars with Lithuanian BO Leads Polish numbers (if the driver works officially he must clear the car the passenger in the event of an accident may not wait for compensation. icon 2 + You can choose a car according to the level of comfort and spaciousness: standard comfort business station wagon minibus. – Sometimes low-level dirty smoky cars arrive; Taxi partner services have uncleared cars with Lithuanian Polish license plates.

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