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They try to resolve disputes in favor of the client often return the money. – Some customer complaints may take a long time to respond to. Yulia Bevzenko calls herself the manager of Kyiv. For 4 years she has been blogging and doing excursions. She has more than 500 walks and over 20000 Facebook followers. She is the first to talk about new restaurants bars and reveals secret places. Among the clients are guests from different cities and countries employees of international companies diplomats and Michelin chefs. Julia told how a personal brand helps in work and communication.

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She developed communication rules that will help to observe etiquette on the network and promote your name. Rules of conduct in social networks 0 About personal brand A personal brand is the name of a person with whom there is a clear Nicaragua Business Email List association and not necessarily a positive one. It is useful and dangerous at the same time. On the one hand you solve problems faster you are known and trusted. On the other hand you need to carefully approach what you write about on social networks. You can create an image in five minutes the main thing is that it is true. I love it when the picture is in harmony with the personality: “what is in the window then in the store.

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A personal brand is a unique “asterisk”. A person looks like everyone else but he managed to show why he is more valuable. The audience trusts him. I think that due to the recognizable first person it is possible to build a brand of the company. Goals for BO Leads building a personal brand I didn’t have a goal to create a personal brand and still don’t. I chose a niche – to conduct excursions around Kyiv and blog on Facebook covering my activities. I wanted to walk around Kyiv tell my subscribers about it and receive orders for excursions. Rules of conduct in social networks 1 When you do everything sincerely and openly they begin to trust you. There are more of these people they intersect in the same companies.

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