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This is confidential information. Do not shoot stories if you go into the office to people. Even if they were looking forward to meeting. They are working discussing something they may have forgotten that you will come to the meeting now. Or maybe eat or rest. icon 5 Don’t meet in public places to discuss problems gossip and especially cases involving other people’s names. icon 6 Do not post screenshots of correspondence where other people’s names are visible only if it does not threaten your life. icon 7 Keep promises to contractors. icon 8 Do not criticize the appearance of others. Each person tries on your words for themselves and it seems that you are difficult to please.

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Icon 9 Come up with cool ideas and ask if people like them. icon 10 Answer phone calls. Secure agreements in correspondence. About social media Panama Business Email List content icon 1 Share content on social media. Do not post the same texts and photos on Facebook and Instagram. First the nicknames of the people you tag on Instagram are not clickable on Facebook. Secondly if your texts and photos are the same why should I follow you everywhere icon 2 Take very beautiful pictures. icon 3 If the photo does not match the text for example you write about delicious cheesecakes and your shoes are in the photo write why shoes. Maybe you came to breakfast in them and we need to know about this detail.

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If the image is smudged tell readers why. icon 4 Approve the ability to publish a photo of another person on your page. I approve even texts: regalia titles facts. icon 5 If you have a blog write regularly. But don’t do it if you have nothing to say. Write without errors and avoid ambiguity in texts. icon 6 Don’t like your posts but reply to comments. If you are BO Leads scolded and not asked any direct questions do not respond. icon 7 Do not comment on the posts of other famous people too often. icon 8 Place publications in the following order: personal content entertaining professional and specialized. Show yourself from different angles. Write three short texts and one long one. icon 9 Never make claims against the bank Nova Poshta and cashiers.

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