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The interview plan should be as unpredictable as possible. WHY This way you will find those who do not need instructions. Neither the HR nor the applicant need to know for sure what exactly can happen during the interview. This way you can immediately identify who can best solve the problem when no one around understands what is happening. How to find the best employees 4 Be sure to arrange for some sort of disruption during the presentation WHY This way you will see if the candidate will be able to adapt to non-ideal conditions. Deliberately organize a presentation in a room where the equipment does not work – this is not so difficult since in principle it may not work in any of the rooms.

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How to find the best employees 6 If your candidate does not freak out and calmly adapts to any circumstances this is a good sign: this person will be easy to work with. Those who have Plan B Plan C and even Plan D ready will get an additional plus – in a world of rapidly developing technologies this will be very useful to you. Make as many false Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List assumptions as possible during the interview WHY So you weed out those who quickly lose their patience. How to find the best employees 8 If the job applicant’s last job was on Twitter you can ask him “So how long have you been at Yahoo” Be sure to pay attention to the candidate’s tone when he corrects you.

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Is he annoyed Or remained calm This is how tech giants determine whether it will be comfortable to work with a person when the inevitable smell of fried is around. Ask the candidate to solve a specific problem you have recently encountered WHY Because you really need help solving it. How to Find Top 10 Employees Large IT companies often ask BO Leads candidates to solve a real problem as a test. In fact this is a great way to get actionable advice for free. Conduct interviews on the go WHY So you will find those who want to work despite the uncomfortable conditions. How to Find Top 12 Employees Never let job seekers relax and get comfortable during an interview.

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