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Recommende to download Download in Telegram Download in Viber How to plan things You can’t just organize work projects. You also nee to plan and organize your personal affairs. We have resources that we nee to learn how to manage timeĀ  tasks focus energy tools. Gather and write down tasks on slips of paper or in a planner. Write out everything that has accumulate taking into account the books. That you want to read plans for the future household trifles. After recording process your list icon Throw away tasks that you don’t want to do things that won’t be useful in the future. If the task is important but not urgent put it on the once list and review it periodically.

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Icon If a task requires action but it’s not clear which one add it to the list of projects. icon If the task is short and clear – do not write it down in the scheuler give it a couple of minutes right now. icon If two minutes isn’t enough find out if you can Chile Business Email List reassign the case. If possible delegate and put under control. If you can’t put it on your to-do list and if necessary on your calendar. Make this list every week. Distinguish tasks from projects and break projects into multiple milestones. The main features of the task icon The task sounds like an answer to the question what nees to be done.

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Icon It contains a verb. icon It can be done in a maximum of 0 minutes with minimal use of the brain. icon Task formulation action. Make a plan for the day. Highlight three important things that nee to be done during the week and keep them in a BO Leads prominent place. Distribute projects by months or quarters. In the calendar enter meetings cinema theater training events on a specific day and certain times. What are projects When a task requires several actions it is a project. Projects are carrie out by the method of natural planning.

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