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There are basic principles of strategic travel planning icon Explore the places you want to visit. Find out the climate and flight options. Plan several countries and be flexible – choose the one that will have optimal conditions for visiting on your vacation. icon Book your tickets while they’re cheap. Subscribe to mailing lists on the websites of air carriers or search aggregators. Keep an eye out for discount information like TripMyDream . icon Determine the cost of living in the city in advance and plan your travel budget. On the Numbeo website you can see prices for basic products and services in any city.

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Icon Choose an insurance policy book a hotel and calculate the cost of your stay. Make sure you don’t have to pay extra for breakfast and internet. Find out if your booking includes taxes. On booking sites like BeandBreakfast or Booking it is more Colombia Business Email List convenient to select an area but it is better to write directly to the hotel or apartment owner. This way you will know the real information about the booking and save money. icon Please bring cash and creit cards with you before you leave. Find out if your card is valid abroad. Take copies of documents with you and keep them separate from the originals. Check with your carrier for roaming conditions.

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Save or learn all the important phone numbers – bank embassy ​​relatives police. Books worth reading icon Game Theory. The Art of Strategic Thinking in Business and Life by Avinash Dixit and Barry Nailbuff. icon Brain development. How to read faster BO Leads remember better and achieve greater goals Roger Sipe. icon Essentialism. The Path to Simplicity by Greg McKeon.The opinion of the crowd should not worry – it is impossible. To please everyone Personal brand and philanthropy photofee. Alchanova Elena Alchanova columnist at Laba Charitable Foundation Tabletochki appeare in 0 as a volunteer project to help children with cancer.

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